U-flex – MultiplYair cooling system is used in high and medium density data centre which always faces unique cooling challenges. There is a considerable increase in the consumption of energy while attempting to cool a few selective racks which often leads to excessive cooling of the other racks. This common phenomenon deteriorates the overall energy efficiency of a data center.
MultiplYair fan assist module is designed to provide multi-fold cooling through an individual airflow grill that balances and ensures proper airflow to the individual racks. The system is equipped with a unique control feature, which automatically turns on when additional cooling is required. This prevents additional energy consumption caused due to the excessive cooling of server racks.
The MultiplYair cooling system consists of an energy saving electronically commutated fan which is designed to take care of adaptive load based on the temperature of the server rack.  The EC fans are mechanically mounted in the MultiplYair mild steel construction to ensure smooth function without any vibrations. 

Multipyair is available in two variants:-

  • Multipyair 1500  providing 1500 CFM
  • Multipyair 2500  providing 2500 CFM

The EC fans speed modulation is varied from 0 to 100 % depending on the load condition and temperature at the rack level  with temperature ranges from 19 Deg C to a maximum of 30 Deg C.  

This speed modulation enhanced the energy saving of the total system.  The inbuilt temperature sensor and controllers monitor this operation.  The controller is further equipped with a LCD temperature display interface that can be viewed from the top of the grill.
MultiplYair is available with 55%, 65% and 80% opening depends of required quantum of airflow.

Single Direction Air Flow

Single direct: 55% 65% and 80% openings

Dual Direction Air Flow

Dual direct : 55% 65% and 80% openings

Standard Vertical Air Flow

Standard direct: 27% and 46% openings

    Size of the Active Grill 600x600 mm
    Minimum Permissible false Floor Height 450mm
    CFM 1300 or 2500 CFM at 0.1 of H2O (Static Pressure)
    Concentrated load 450 Kgs/ Sq Mtr.
    Uniformly Distributed load 1350 kgs/ Sq. Mtr.
    Air Flow Direction Standard/ Single Direct/ Dual Direct

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