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Raised Access Floor Systems

  • Need to accommodate the dynamic needs of your business in an incredibly easy and efficient way?
  • Aspire for a profitable workspace?
  • Looking for flexible flooring solutions? 

Unitile can help with raised flooring solutions that bring your people and places together in ways that reduce costs and improve performance.

A raised access floor is a platform built several inches above the structural floor, creating a cavity/void between the existing structural floor and the upper surface of the raised floor. The cavity is utilized for distribution of building services such as power, voice, data, heating and cooling services, etc and is easily accessible anytime for upgrading and reconfiguration of your work space.

Raised access floor systems consist of bolt-together metal pedestals and floor panels of various infills.

The system is completely modular; any panel can be uncovered to access the wires beneath, enabling changes to be made easily without the need for skilled manpower or specialized equipment in minimal downtime. The finished floor surface can be carpet tile, vinyl tile, laminate or stone finished.

Raised access floor systems are designed keeping in mind the constantly evolving needs of the new age workspace. They can efficiently respond to organizational and technological changes quickly and easily, attenuate noise, improve personal comfort control and enhance the aesthetics of the building. Also, access flooring is a long term cost-effective investment, providing a tremendous amount of flexibility and capacity in minimal time.

A perfect platform for business, this system reduces life cycle costs and is designed to meet the most demanding needs of new or refurbished buildings, offering you a flexible and high performance solution. With the integrated raised access flooring system, you can transform any facility into a strategic asset—one you can rely on to deliver measurable benefits.