Founded in 1994, the United Group is an Indian private company that provides economical, environmental and sustainable solutions to the building materials industry. Since then, we have carved out our niche in the highly specialized business of production and execution of raised flooring solutions for a multitude of businesses.
Our operations are divided into our businesses:

India’s number 1 raised access floor brand
A leading data center accessory solution brand
Our manufacturing and projects organisation that manages the production and delivery of our projects and drives our research and innovation.

We have carved a prominent niche within this industry, by constantly upgrading our manufacturing techniques, innovating our products, and by giving priority to our customer relations. We have had opportunity to work with and transform 15,000 workspaces.

Over the years, we have maintained good relations with our clients, and they have always come back to us. We view it as an affirmation of our expertise, reliability and collaborative spirit that have awarded us with many long-term working relationships with our valued customers.

As Unitile expands globally, we are investing not only in sales and distribution, but also in local domestic manufacturing, R&D and other high-value functions. This global reach with local excellence is enabling us to bring the best of our solutions to the world.


unitle 1994


The United Group was founded to provide efficacious solutions to the building materials industry.


unitle 1994

450+ Employees

Growing strong with more than 450 employees across globe.

unitle 1994

25 years

25 years legacy of transforming workspaces.

unitle 1994


2012 UNIFOLD - produced world’s first noise neutral and most intelligent raised flooring system.

unitle 1994


1999 United Access Floors was formed in Gujarat to manufacture raised access floors under the brand Unitile

unitle 1994


First and only Indian raised floor company to be SGBC certified.

unitle 1994

30 global

Consisting of 8 offices pan India and more than 25 global partners.

unitle 1994

3 MN Panels

Producing more than 3 million number of panels annually.

Our Mission

To develop technical proficiency and leadership competencies in our business by building cost competitive, value engineered innovative products & services delivered by a professional team that proactively and consistently meets our customer needs and creates a mutually beneficial engagement.


To be an Indian Raised Access Floor MNC commanding leadership position across geographies we serve by consistently offering safe, innovative & environmental friendly products & solutions through empowered employees leading to “Customer Delight”.


Staff Development:

We stand committed as an organization to provide learning opportunities to our staff & support them in realizing their worth & potential.

Building Trust:

Our Goal is to build a strong bond with all our stake-holders developed on mutual respect, concern & understanding.

Passion for Excellence:

We will not be content with just meeting the agreed expectations of our customers, we will pursue a never-ending journey to deliver the best.


We will "walk our talk" & consistently meet agreed objectives by inculcating readiness to take over responsibilities for actions and results.

One for all, all for Winning:

We respect individual capabilities & will passionately work as unified team towards our common goal.

Our Approach

A Foundation of Innovation

Unitile is designed to meet today’s challenges, see the big picture, collaborate, build long-term relationships and deliver raised access flooring solutions differently for the best possible results. The foundations for our successful approach to doing business is to build on the inherent strengths of our people, products and brand. We amplify these through investment, day-to-day operations and the pursuit of new opportunities. Our goal is to maximize a company’s long-term value.

is the key

Establish long-term relationships and deliver products and solutions differently for the best possible results.

Putting our values at
the heart of what we do

We care about our teammates, our communities and our clients. We show heart and harmony in everything we do.

Designed to Deliver

We think innovatively but act practically – keeping where the customer needs to go in mind. We have the confidence to do things differently.


Excellence comes from empowering people with the tools they need, the space to have a voice and autonomy to solve a problem a new way.

Strict adherence to
health and safety

Placing the highest priority on the health and safety of our workforce and protection of our assets, communities and the environment.

Doing Business

We believe in transparency. Ethical business is fundamental to how we operate, that exposes every challenge, every success and every milestone.

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Excellence comes from empowering people with the tools they need, the space to have a voice and autonomy to solve a problem a new way.

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