external spaces



Resistance to decay

Outdoor spaces are easily susceptible to rapid weathering and corrosion. Unitile raised access flooring has strong corrosion resistance due to its heightened stability & pressure resistance. This gives it a longer lifespan and more economical to choose.


All-season performer

Exterior locations like pool-sides, restaurants, and gardens need to maintain high aesthetical value & quality performance all year-round. It makes it imperative that one chooses a flooring system that can withstand weather changes and seasonal cycles. Unitile flooring is unalterable to meteorological events and makes it an ideal choice for outdoor environments.


Nature’s mate

Unitile All-Weather Pedestal is made from 4% recycled and 100% recyclable polypropylene and support load of more than 1000 kg per pedestal. They are varied in adjustable heights ranging from 19 mm to 2000 mm with interchangeable spacer tabs that allow gaps between pavers, providing drainage water flow.

Precipitation, no problem

Outdoor areas, generally uncovered, are exposed to climatic changes, humidity and precipitation. Colder climates see hail and snow, and temperate regions see more rainfall. Unitile raised access flooring is “dry” assembled, leaving gaps between panels to allow water to in respective cavities underneath the flooring system. This prevents the water from accumulating on the surface, ensuring safety over time.

Leisure spaces with unmatched functionality

Unitile All-Weather Pedestal is not just a product with high-functionality but also meets and exceeds the end user's leisure experience. Designed and engineered for use in conjunction with outdoor tiles (Natural Stone, Ceramic, Marble, Paver blocks, vitrified tiles) to enhance the look and feel of outdoor space.



Control room

Co-working spaces

Data centers

Education institutuions