Design rethinking : a tech enabled 2020

Featured At Unitile January 1, 2020


Design rethinking : a tech enabled 2020

Work space design today has taken a major leap. Companies are building environments that reflect the brand as one that embraces innovation and a company's corporate culture and vision. Pleasant environment that offers comfort, rooms that enhance communication and creativity, spaces to relax or elements that make life easier will be key to generating greater productivity and effectiveness. The new decade is expected to have a significant impact on the future of workspaces. Here are the latest trends that will be increasingly popular in 2020.

Outdoor working spaces

Working outdoors can lead to increased employee happiness, enhanced employee engagement, thus leading to employee retention. Working outdoors can also provide a powerful boost to our problem-solving skills. According to a 2018 survey completed by outdoor product retailer L.L. Bean, United States workers  between the ages of 22 and 65 spend approximately 95 percent of their time indoors. Bringing the outdoors element inside the space is a long-standing design concept, while there is no substitute for actually getting outdoors. Rooftops, balconies, open garden seating are gaining prominence amongst millennials.


Data driven design

Employees tend to work more effectively in a pleasing environment. But an enticing ambience goes far beyond just creating visually pleasing design Uncovering exactly what a well-designed workplace looks like for a company's workers, from a functional perspective, is key to understanding the pulse of what every individual need. it's now more important than ever to have an integrated workplace that can adapt to your real-time business needs. Systems that monitor temperature, improve air quality, and track occupancy is will gain prominence in 2020s.

Collaboration & community access

Businesses are adapting more inviting and comfortable spaces that promote a sense of community, comfortability, and shared values. The new office environment now includes spaces for leisure with beautiful gardens, games rooms, and cafes that allow us to have fun. Rooms where we can have a coffee with a client or work at a given moment in a more attractive space in a more relaxed way.


Monochromatic expression

Adding Monochromatic color schemes are the newest iteration of the color explosion that's been taking place in commercial environments. Not only one color as the term defines but the entire spectrum of shades, tones, and hints of that particular color is put to convey an interior. Another trend that is definitely going strong this season are the dark colors in the furniture. Both wood and smooth tones are passed to a more elegant look to the office.


Hanging horticulture

Nature is also gaining ground in the world of offices. Plants have officially made hearts in contemporary office designs with the emergence of living green walls and moss walls as staples of well-being and branding.With plant design engrained in buildings seeking a sustainable and wellness-forward image, green has become and continues to be an undeniable feature in the future of office design. From indoor plant on desks to spectacular interior gardens, green offices have become an element to take into account when designing workspaces.

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