Meet Our People Unitile

Yash Trivedi

Senior Executive - Credit and Collections

My Story

The best thing about life is that any moment in time can be a point of beginning to anything! A turning point in my life was joining the Unitile family.

For career advancement, I had resigned from my former organization in January 2018. During this period, I came across a role with Unitile, which I found impressive and suitable for my career advancement. After thorough research about Unitile, I certainly wanted to be a part of their fabulous team.

I received a call from Unitile for the final interview in February and since then I'm a proud Unitiler.

A successful journey with the number one raised access floor company in India is what I'm proud to have over the last 1.5 years. It was a dream come true to work with such a renowned organization. In comparison to my previous role, I was offered a higher position. I thank Unitile for seeing the potential in me and trusting me to achieve greater heights.

The Company

What I like about Unitile is their “People First” approach and I experienced this first hand from the day of joining.

I had the most memorable first day at Unitile. I was surprised by the HR team with a beautifully decorated desk along with a joining kit that had everything that I needed for my work. I haven't seen a company that pays so much attention to every detail, especially for a new joiner. The surprise continued when I was offered a complimentary luncheon (pizza and soft drink) with the HR team. Since I am foodie, I was thrilled with this yummy surprise. How else can a new employee be made comfortable on the first day? Unitile has the perfect onboarding process.

In 2019, with the announcement of a 5-day work week and flexible timings, I now had enough time for myself on the weekends.

"I have been fortunate to participate and celebrate multiple festivals with my colleagues at Unitile. We enjoy the festivities with utmost enthusiasm and appreciate that each event is fun and engaging with games, prizes, food, and music."

I was won over by the team on my birthday, where I was made to feel like a king (GOT edition) with a throne of my own. Such attention to detail is rarely found in any other company.

I thoroughly enjoy working with such an employee-friendly company.

The Inspiration

Work is fun with a good boss, but it is best when you find a friend in a boss. I've had multiple great experiences in the one year spent in Unitile, one of them is working and learning from the veterans in the industry. Unitile offers you the freedom to work independently, encourages you to make a decision and to think out of the box.

“What inspires me most about Unitile is that everyone is welcomed and treated like a family. To know that there is a place for every voice is a feel-good factor.”

Such inspiration and motivation helped me to bag the rising star of the year award as well as the best team award within one year of my journey with Unitile. Such recognition and moral support are what you need to achieve the unthinkable.

It is truly wonderful and very inspiring to be part of such a diverse and an inclusive workplace!


I love to spend time with my family and friends. I've found some great friends in my co-workers; we work and have fun together. Unknowingly these are some of the best memories I made, and a comfortable environment gives me a sense of spiritual relaxation.