Our Team

Meet our deeply experienced leadership team – people who are innovative - who are passionate about our business - people who make a difference every day. Unitile is led by a team of individuals with world-class experience and skills in engineering, marketing, operations, finance and sales. These established professionals work together to ensure that Unitile remains at the forefront of innovation in the industry.

https://www.unitileindia.com/storage/Moiz Sir

Moiz Rajkotwala

Managing Director
https://www.unitileindia.com/storage/Shabbir Sir

Shabbir Rajkotwala

Managing Director

Idris Rajkotwala

Executive Director
https://www.unitileindia.com/storage/Hemant Bhavsar

Hemant Bhavsar

Chief Financial Officer
https://www.unitileindia.com/storage/Soumendra Raut

Soumendra Raut

Vice President - Operations

Sandeep Vaidya

Vice President - Technical & Global Sales Support

Pratima Shetty

Corporate Planning & Strategy

Murtaza Tinwala

General Manager Projects - North, East West

Zulfakhar Baig

Assistant Vice President - South
https://www.unitileindia.com/storage/Drashti Rajkotwala

Drashti Rajkotwala

Senior Manager - Marketing and Communications
https://www.unitileindia.com/storage/Freeda Brown

Freeda Brown

Senior Manager - Human Resources