An atmosphere of opulence

A casino is a place where opulence resides. The grand décor of a casino itself writes a charming book of etiquette for the guests, who in turn, expect nothing short of a dazzling night of high-entertainment and splendour on every visit. Whether it is the alluring high-ceiling chandeliers or the row of inviting slot machines, or even the grand carpeted floor, casinos don’t gamble with the aesthetics of the property. Partnering with Unitile brings India’s No. 1 raised access flooring system brand to ensure that your flooring needs no compromise on functionality and looks.


Designed to win

The flooring system is a key element in designing casino spaces. In areas with gaming tables, arcade machines, money carts, and sometimes even flashy vehicles, the floor needs to perform with a high strength to weight ratio permitting easy rolling of load-objects across the floor. Unitile offers the easiest installation of raised access flooring system with high aesthetical and performance value. In addition to strength, Unitile flooring is acoustic insulated with low noise transmission to ensure that What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas.

Bid adieu to the heat

As the sea of guests tide through the casino, a large volume of air needs to be conditioned and moved across the space all 24 hours, every day. In enclosed smoking environments, it becomes imperative that the air inside is circulated, filtered, and cooled considerably for a comfortable breathing experience. Unitile raised access flooring systems not only control the temperature within the environment but also maintain high indoor air quality.

A flexible bet

Casinos need to constantly keep rearranging the floorplan to meet the constant demands of change and innovation within the industry. Open gaming areas and dozens of gaming machines require electrical, voice, and data cables that are hidden, for both safety and aesthetic purposes. The modularity of the Unitile raised access flooring system allows for easy adaptations in both, the air delivery and the wiring & cabling configurations. 



Hit the jackpot

Maintaining a casino comes with its own unique challenges. Since most casino spaces are open 24 hours a day, it demands a more energy and cost saving mode of operations. Access flooring reduces the facility’s life cycle costs with its easy installation, superior sealing, airflow management, and increased longevity of the materials used. Choosing Unitile raised flooring systems helps you attain the ‘green’ status with optimum air, sound, and light to promote a healthy and lively indoor environment. 


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