The symphony of learning

It has been proven that a well-maintained learning environment impacts students & teachers health and their educational performance. A place of learning should be well illuminated & air conditioned to control the light, temperature & humidity inside of a classroom. Furthermore, controlled acoustics endure the collaborative sounds and contain them a limited space, thus providing an undisturbed ambiance in the classroom as a whole. Raised access floor not only does all that, but also aesthetically blends in with the décor for a harmonised experience. 

Built for the future

As the world leaps hyper-connectivity, educational institutions follow suit with tech-focused design & architecture. Initiating their pupils toward an adept future, classrooms are built around newest technologies and most advanced learning techniques. Data and power cable access flooring create a robust classroom for an internet-speed experience of learning.

Raised floor - a perfect dividend plan 

Unitile raised access flooring is a long-term investment that brings returns from the moment of installation. It is a flexible space planning system and permits an easy plug-&-play model of under-floor air distribution & power cabling system. It has a lifespan that exceeds 25 years and renders itself to be the most cost-effective, high-performance solution to the infrastructural needs of your institution.

Lead with green

Unitile raised access floors are built from recycled components & materials that meet safety and low-emission standards from the Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC). The under-floor system ventilates rooms with conditioned air at lower pressures to maximise energy efficiency and clean air circulation, almost 25% more efficient than traditional ceiling ventilation systems. Installation of Unitile raised access flooring contributes to LEED points favouring a green building certification to your institution. And that is how you lay the foundation of a green tomorrow for all! 

Step up the quality of your classroom

Flexibility is pivotal for an educational space to adapt to changing academics every year. Raised access step-up application ensures the use of flooring solutions in the most effective way. Harbour more seats, circulation of conditioned air, alteration of the layout with speed, and maintenance on the go of routing cable and wires, all can be done as per client's requirement. 



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