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Engineered Structural
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A ceiling system that combines

Engineering with Flexibility, Resilience and Responsiveness

Barring the traditional Unitstrut/ C-strut system, our modular purpose-built flexible overhead structure can be tailored to meet complex project-specific requirements concerning design load, grid size, ceiling plenum height and ceiling tile selection. With this innovative suspended platform in place, cable trays, equipment partitions, caging systems, and hot or cold aisle containment barriers can be securely transitioned through the grid framework.

The combination of functionality, rigidity, and aesthetic appeal makes it an optimal choice for various white space applications across different industries like data centers, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, infrastructure, warehouse and industrial application.

Fully Flexible,
Completely Modular

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Overhead Frameworks for Ultimate

Project Adaptability

At its core, U-Flex is a versatile overhead framework, accommodating various project needs, including load-bearing specifications and customized dimensions. It offers an industrial-grade suspended platform that seamlessly scales to accommodate cable trays, equipment partitions, and hot/cold aisle containment without compromising structural integrity.

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