From India to the World.

For over 30 years, the entities that comprise United Group have been industry pacesetters in the design, development and the manufacturing of the most sophisticated raised access floor and data center solutions.

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Our manufacturing facility sprawls across 700,000 sq.ft. of covered area. This large scale facility coupled with manpower, paved area for storage, enables us to manage multiple projects efficiently and achieve large volumes of production. The shop floor has a lean manufacturing layout, with automation for efficiency and as well as customised equipment for a large variety of applications.
Unitile's production facilities are precision tuned to perform with maximum efficiency and quality to produce intelligent, sustainable and technologically advanced raised access flooring and data center solutions.
We have a long history of innovation and are harnessing leading edge technology to deliver value through the creation of solutions, in response to customers’ needs. Our commitment to exceptional quality means our processes never stand still. We’re always looking to innovate and find new ways to improve them and we do this on a global scale.

Understanding your needs.

Because we support thousands of different business applications, we understand the crucial roles raised access floor and supported accessories play in your facility. Our international network of experts can work with you to design the perfect solution in your facility that will meet your specific needs and help to increase your profitability. We can also work with you on a customised requirement. Share your ideas with us, or ask us how our innovations can help you. We focus on maximizing the global value of a technology with our partners and sharing in the results.

Designed to boost productivity.

We do extensive R&D testing in order to meet the industry demands and being future-ready. We are working in co-hesion with latest technologies to get the maximum output. We use automated production line for efficient, faster and consistent production. Every new operator undergoes series of training programmes before they work on the production line. All our systems are followed to the letter by technicians ensuring the same efficient processes and stringent quality controls are implemented.

Quality Control & Testing.

We keep a vigilant eye at every step of the manufacturing process to ensure that our product quality goes way above the industry norm. Our processes and products are thoroughly vetted and tested by an advanced in-house testing facility to ensure that the manufactured products are meeting the desired quality standards and for our customers to witness the live testing process. Our products are further third party tested at the facilities of TUV PSB – Singapore, which validates our products, to conform to the International Standards likes Master Specs & CISCA (USA), BSEN (Europe) and MOBPF2PS(UK).

Working with the industry.

We collaborate closely with our suppliers to ensure performance, reliability and durability from procurement to production of each panel and accessory. Steel is at the heart of our products, so it’s important that our supply is of the highest grade available. We leverage world-class expertise by partnering with industry leading suppliers and partners and speed up the pace of research & development for the benefit of our customers. Our consistency is global and it never deviates.

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