Coworking Spaces

Coworking Spaces


Make way for new age workspaces.

Style to suit varied needs, co-working is changing the dynamics of modern offices. Today’s design conscious spaces need to be the ideal work environments to foster innovation, engineering and productivity. Experience unmatched agility, sustainability and speed with Unitile raised access floors in a co-working space.


Sharing spaces, building identities

The dynamic energy present in these spaces helps business leverage the best processes, practices and people within the same setup. Now achieve the same standards of performance, comfort and aesthetics in a shared space with flooring solutions that make work easy. A new tenant needs new layout and with raised access floor modifications are a quick snapping.


Need for speed

Early occupation in your space will result in enormous saving on sky-rocketing rents and give you early revenue generation. Drastically reduce the fit-out program schedule in a pre- occupied speculated, tenant building. Shorten your project timelines with our intelligent flooring solutions that can work in cohesion with other services.


For flexibility on the upswing

Give spaces the modular flexibility they deserve by configuring workspaces based on functional requirements. Sustainable solutions for spaces changes, renovation and re-use. Electrical, mechanical, communication, voice and data services are conveniently accessible and adaptable to organizational changes.


Bringing personality to places

Organize your space with a cable management system with Uflex grommets that will allow cables to pass securely. Easily optimize your wire lengths as you can now achieve the flexibility to take the shortest route with perfectly aligned floors.

Designed for the mobile workforce

Maximize your productivity and improve your work environment. No loss of opportunity during re/stack or re-densification programme and with low-noise, low-downtime complete refurbishment process of your premises efficiently.

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