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Every Byte Secured

In this age of always-on data inundation, data centers and server rooms hold the critical control points of the working of any organization. Today, companies can come to a halt with a server crash; it is important to ensure that server rooms are well-maintained and data racks are secured. Unitile raised access flooring is the most viable option to maintain an atmosphere that ensures the data storage and communication are left to their flawless functioning. 

Engineered for Efficiency

A data center is built on connectivity and cable distribution. And as is the case with any system, evolution is inevitable and ergo, change. With Unitile raised access flooring, you are guaranteed with heavy load-bearing capacity for the data server racks and easy rolling of load due to its dulated surface for crisp movement.. The flexibility of lifting a tile and making changes in the data, electrical, and voice cabling is quick & effortless. From installation to endurance, it is cost-effective with high returns on the investment, in both new & retrofit build applications.

Servers that Breathe Easy

A room that houses the data servers needs to be temperature controlled to avoid heating of servers as they process petabytes of data every day. It needs to have uniform airflow and cooling, especially across rack levels. Unitile raised access flooring meets basic requirements, and performs with greater efficiency as it reduces air loss from the under-floor conditioning system. The air flow grills come with an option of adjustable dampeners to manage airflow volume. 

Optimized Energy Consumption

The right air flow management system ensures uniform balancing of air & minimizes air loss, thus saving on the energy consumption of a data center. That is exactly what one gets with the raised access flooring system from Unitile. It increases the under-floor static pressure & decreases the humidity control overheads, surpassing the required parameters for all data center designers, operators, and owners.

The Three Way Approach

Unitile raised access floor system comes with easy installation techniques and requires no downtime. The three-way approach of the product helps save on manpower cost in construction, time of installation, resulting in quality efficient product. Each panel of Unitile can be lifted easily to modify the wires, cables, and water lines with minimal effort. This flexibility reduces the facility’s life cycle costs.

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