The corporate economics

The procurement team of any corporate looks for a right balance of quality and cost efficiency when choosing the right infrastructure for an office. The Unitile raised access flooring system delivers on those metrics right from installation to its maintenance, and environment sustainability – thus making it an ideal choice for any commercial real estate premises.

The bastion of productivity

An office environment is built to meet the goals of work efficiency, growing to reach high productivity outputs.  It is built to a dream of being a bastion that protects and produces, unwavering. Unitile offers raised access flooring that is secure, sound-proof, and surrounded by aesthetics which cultivate a culture of reduced distractions, maximizing work potential. 

Ergonomics of change

In a modern office environment, the layout of cabins, and partitioned desks are ever-changing – sometimes, to accommodate new people or technologies, and sometimes, to meet the requirements of new leasing tenants.

Win-win situation

A property consultant is expected to keep an eye on both capital and operational costs. An office building designed to incorporate raised access flooring can have the same interior volume with a lower overall height reduced to a 10% average reduction in floor-to-ceiling heights.  This dramatically reflects on lowering your construction and operational costs.


Fix – reconfigure - refurbish

Office environments consists of a complex weave of technology to accomplish every task, resulting to extensive cabling systems that must reside within the building’s infrastructure, be easily accessible, update or reconfigured to meet the needs of tenants as they come and go. Unitile’s raised access floor accommodates all these changes within less time frame, manpower and cost.



Control room

Co-working spaces

Educational institutions

External spaces

Data centers