Simplifying critical  control

The quintessential control room has evolved from the gauges, valves, and levers to become a high-tech address of monitors, keyboards, and processors. With the advent of technology, the electrical and data cabling amassed in huge numbers in control rooms. Unitile raised access flooring offers a flexible and secure approach to simplify the cable and airflow management, and a safe environment to the managing personnel inside the control room.


Heavy weight champion

Control rooms house an assembly of computers, usually shifted around to make modifications. Unitile raised access flooring has a high load bearing capacity and a seamless panelling that makes it easy for rolling when making modifications.


Serves the test of time

Owning Unitile raised access flooring acts as a long-term asset for an organization with its 25 year life span. Thus, it also reduces the lifecycle costs of the facility. 

Designed to control

A control room restricts access to personnel for privacy and security. That makes it essential to have infrastructure that can be maintained and modified using minimal manpower. Unitile flooring system is completely modular, enabling changes without the need for skilled manpower of specialized equipment in minimal downtime.

Guaranteed excellence 

With a high strength to weight performance, environment friendly materials, great acoustical properties, cabling, and air flow management, Unitile continues to be India’s No. 1 raised access flooring system. The flooring is precise, levelled, and stable with enhanced mechanical resistance. The first-rate airflow system ensures airflow to sensitive equipment and servers within the control room. These features ensure that your flooring system is the one par excellence, guaranteed.




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