“At Unitile we have a longstanding commitment to environmental stewardship and compliance by staying ahead of waste - and water - related influences. This commitment is stronger than ever and remains fundamental to improve the efficiency of our operations.”

Building a sustainable future

We are taking efforts to embed sustainability in the way we operate. We are committed to using engineering and innovation to make the shift to a more sustainable business. We understand how the resource-constrained world will affect our company, and society at large, for the next several decades and thus we are enabling a rapid transition into the fabric of our business’s processes, tools, and priorities for a greener environment.

Sustainability is a journey – one that Unitile is deeply committed to. We want to contribute to a world that provides a viable future with enhanced quality of life for everyone. We aim to achieve this by continually examining our achievements, successes – and where we might do better by providing products, improving frameworks, and forming partnerships for innovation.

Sustainability is integrated across our business on three levels:

Efficient Operations:

We strive to foster a culture in which we continuously improve our environmental and climate impact - in a way that respects people, their safety and their environment. We are reducing external impacts with energy and water conversation. We are streamlining our ways and processes for handling waste and making optimum use of raw materials.

Sustainable Solutions:

We establish and develop proximity relationships with our customers for their businesses, endeavouring to have a positive impact on them from a social and economic point of view. This means transforming our product mix over time. We use recyclable and non- combustible components such as steel / cement in our products and innovating to reduce the environmental impacts of our new products, packaging, equipment. We are collaborating with our suppliers and customers to address our shared needs and interests in environmentally beneficial ways.

Supporting communities:

We aim to play a positive role in communities where we operate and in wider society. We endeavour to have a positive impact on them, through the products we provide, the employment we generate and the support we grant to causes and institutions that help the more vulnerable groups in society. We contribute to the development of local economies by creating jobs, boosting skills, sourcing from local suppliers, as well as paying taxes.

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