Meet Our People Unitile

Esther Paul

Executive Assistant – Executive Director

My Story

Joining Unitile is one of the best decisions of my career. I joined Unitile in 2013 as a sales coordinator. From the moment I set foot, I felt like I belong here and the congenial atmosphere helped me gel with everyone. The journey from Sales Coordinator to Executive Assistant was fascinating, which involves hard work, dedication, challenges and lots of learning curves.

The Company

Unitile is a company with a clear vision and mission, where the client, as well as the employee, is equally important. Unitile believes in giving the best to its clients and employees. The values the company shares rings closer to home with me. The finest leaders steer and drive opportunities for the employees.

The People

The people at Unitile are a cut above and absolutely delightful. Enterprising leaders with an enthusiastic team working towards a common goal, taking Unitile to the next level, setting new milestones. Unitilers believe in celebrating every moment of life, whether it's a birthday, festival or an accomplishment of an individual or the company. It's one big happy family.

The Skills

Unitile always gave me the freedom to apply my knowledge and experience.

“It paved the path, to give me the opportunity to hone my skills and embolden to take on new ones. I feel like a different person than the one who started this odyssey.”

The Inspiration

I believe that the only way to do great work is to love what you do. I have always been appreciated for my good work. I am fortunate to have good mentors who trust me and bring out the best in me.

Outside of Office

When I am not working I spend time with my family and friends, pursue my hobbies, try to learn something new and spend time seeking spiritual guidance.