Meet Our People Unitile

Neha Raut

Senior Manager - Materials

My Story

I joined Unitile in 2004 and I've never looked anywhere else since.

As a junior employee, my first few roles were challenging. It began with acquiring technical knowledge directly from the Director, Mr. Shabbir Rajkotwala. I was nervous, but the Director was very supportive and always motivated me. He ensured that I understood the technicality of the product and was available to resolve any queries that I had. With his encouragement and on-the-job training, I began to build confidence.

“My contribution and performance proved my ability, and I was promoted.”

Now in my 15th year of service, I am a Senior Manager – Materials, and I continue to be inspired by my work. I see my own personal values in the values of Unitile.

The Company

At this moment, I take great pride in being associated with Unitile and see it grow multi-folds. We have completed 25 successful years, and it is a very proud moment for all of us. I have been with Unitile for 15 years and in many ways, I've grown up in the company.

I am proud to be a part of the Unitile family.

I'm glad to be a part of the team that is thriving and performing well. I'm happy that what I manage is ultimately helping my clients. I want to surround myself and my team with positive energy and I find that my passion and spirited approach provides a level of stability my work, gives us great results for our clients.

The People

The people at Unitile have always remained closed-knit, and I have enjoyed working with the team here. The culture of Unitile is dynamic, and the team brings charisma and exuberance, which makes working at Unitile truly pleasant.

The Inspiration

A career at Unitile can give you a lifetime of opportunities. But it requires you to be bold and go out and make the most of the network and global footprint.

“For me, I feel I've just began, there is a lot more out there that I want to achieve and with a company like Unitile, I know I can achieve these ambitions.”

My daily inspiration comes from knowing that my efforts matter. The ability to actively participate in the organization and to contribute to its growth gives me a sense of fulfillment and keeps me determined.