Meet Our People Unitile

Srabankumar Muni

Production Supervisor – Production

The Company

My first impression of Unitile was that the company values and appreciate hard work and excellent performance by the people. My thoughts never changed since then, but it has cemented my trust in the company and the people and kept me motivated at all time. I have experienced that the company has always set high standards for me to achieve above and beyond my capabilities; this has only made me realize my true potential and what I ought to achieve. The company has always been up to date with the trends and optimally uses the power of technology. It is an honour to be working and being a part of such a great team.

The People

I feel a sense of pride and joy when I see the people I am associated with.

“The culture at Unitile is overwhelming and working with the team is something that I enjoy. It feels like one big family under the roof. The people here are self-accountable, dependent and professional. They do need to be micro-managed; even during my absence, the team ensures that the company doesn't suffer in any manner. Everyone works here as one unified team.”

The Inspiration

My daily inspiration comes from knowing that all my efforts matter at Unitile right from achieving production targets to setting new goals year on year. Every individual around me inspires me and I, in turn, encourage them to be a better version of what they were yesterday.

Outside of Office

Besides work, I like playing cricket, reading books which adds to my knowledge. I am also a foodie, and I never leave an opportunity to celebrate and have fun with good food.

I like spending my time with my family, and they are and will always be my priority, especially my daughter. I spend a lot of my time playing with her, and it is a pleasure to see her grow into such a beautiful girl.