Benefits of integrating raised access floor in your space.

Raised access floor offices October 1, 2019


Benefits of integrating raised access floor in your space


Where Are We Headed…

As spaces evolve, technologies upgrade, infrastructure has taken a giant leap in yesteryears. In the race to meet this ever-changing needs, adaptability, sustainability, versatile design & performance plays a major role. Back then, things were a lot simpler, with limited choices. Now, tech is a lot more innovated & educated, there are lot many choices to look forward to.

Now that you are at it, we assume that you already are interested to know more about an access floor, let’s get into the technicalities of it.

First Things First…

A Raised access floor also typically known as a False Floor is a sophisticatedly designed elevated structural floor above the concrete floor, assembled depending upon the client’s organizational requirements. This is to harness issues related to heating, ventilation, data, cables and various other related services provided beneath. The Raised access floor access system was in place since the 1960s, mainly designed with the purpose to pass the cold air through the plenum or air duct. Later with the advancement in technologies, the requirement of large computer systems data centre rooms, server rooms there has been a considerable growth in the system. RAF systems creates value overcoming the restrictions of traditional flooring and creating a work space that is highly reconfigurable, efficient, productive, safe and organized. Let’s have look at the benefits of a raised access floor:

Organized, Spacious And Efficient

In a raised access floor system, just about every element mechanical, electrical or plumbing can be at the beneath of the floor, routine system maintenance can be managed through modular panels. This helps to eliminate restrictions on the work floor and limit disruptions to the general work environment making the environment organized, spacious and enabling the workforce to work more efficiently. To further simplify and speed up changes, the feeder whips should connect to the distribution boxes with either plug-in or screw-on connectors. No electricians, telephone technicians or network technicians required and more money saved.

Refurbishment & Re-Configuration

Rapid growth of an organization is a positive thing. But rapid growth can be a nightmare when it comes to adding, reconfiguring and renovation. With a rapid change in technology there is a constant need for additional power, telecommunications, and data wiring and cabling. Access Flooring overcomes all these problems by providing a platform that adapts with the dynamic work environments. Users rely on its ability for relocation of Workstations/ entire departments, to keep pace with fast developing intra organizational changes. The challenge of creating a work station for a new associate is easily accomplished by first removing the access floor panel, then installing power, voice and data cabling in the under-floor plenum and finally the installation of furniture. 

Improve Budget And Schedules

In addition to the cost and time savings that can be realized during the installation process alone, raised access floor system ultimately create value through its benefits. The most important advantages and savings, can be found in the life-cycle cost savings, which includes savings on operating and energy costs, manpower etc.

Optimize Air Flow

Every workspace sees the need to provide a comfortable work environment for its employees. Overall health standards and energy levels are important factors creating an ambiance. Raised access floor system are designed to accommodate perforated panels as means to direct airflow with minimal disruption between the supply and return. Such systems are specifically designed for data centers, clean rooms as per client's requirements where meticulous temperature has to be maintained.  

Perfectly Leveled Surfaces

In a raised access floor building with a ceiling grid system, the floor-to-ceiling height is consistent throughout the entire building. In most buildings today the ceiling grid is laser-leveled to make a perfectly level ceiling surface. But below the ceiling, one finds a concrete floor that is far from being precisely level. People installing or relocating systems furniture and demountable wall partitions spend a lot of time and labor in the leveling process.

In retro-fit applications, adjustable raised access floor can resolve issues with variable or uneven floor heights, and create a perfectly level floor plan with greater optimization potential.

Under One Roof

There’s a reason, why we have worked and continued to serve many of the well-known brands from Fortune 500. If you are looking at a wholesome solution experience from a most trusted raised access floor brand in India, you are a right place. At Unitile, we have the products, services and expertise to fully meet your commercial flooring needs.

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