Functionality meets beauty Unitile All-Weather Pedestal

Featured At Unitile February 15, 2020


Functionality meets beauty

Unitile All-Weather Pedestal

Make your outdoors as elegant as indoors !

Outdoor spaces today are faced with challenges such as high foot traffic, operational flexibility, power and water supply connectivity and life-cycle costs. All of these continual challenges provoke a simplified and fresh approach on planning and constructing a well-integrated outdoor structure. Indoor and outdoor spaces are two separate entities but as the spaces are evolving, outdoor spaces are expected to meet the standards and functionality of internal spaces.


The flexibility, modularity and easy installation process of indoor raised access floors can be installed to outdoor environments like terraces, gardens and parks, swimming pool decks, balconies and varied other applications.

This is why the use of pedestals in external spaces is rapidly gaining popularity with leading clients, architects, designers, landscapers, and builders around the world. The ‘All Weather Pedestal’ is the latest innovation developed by Unitile and lends itself to many different applications and designs.



Unmatched Flexibility

With the use of Unitile All Weather Pedestal (UAWP) all the drainage pipes laid below the plenum can be often inspected. A well-designed, outdoor space structure with pedestals will not only have the operational flexibility but the capacity to comfortably accommodate a vast array of applications and technological changes. It can be quickly installed thus enabling speed of construction.


Positive Drainage

It is critical to think about the effect of water on an external space and how drainage will take place. Water pooling on any external surface can be hazardous and can cause damage to materials used. Unitile’s all-weather pedestal allows water drainage through the cavity created under the panels. Thus, a flat even floor is obtained.

Intriguing Design

Unitile All-Weather Pedestal is not just a highly functional product, but also meets and exceeds the user’s visual experience. They are designed and engineered to be used in conjunction with outdoor tiles (Natural Stone, Ceramic, Marble, Paver Blocks, Vitrified Tiles) to enhance the look and feel of an outdoor space. From choosing the best materials, to build a state-of-the-art design, the raised access floor provides solutions for architectural aesthetic issues such as unsightly drainage slopes.



Nature's Mate

Being in the industry that paves the foundation to outdoor spaces, the durability of the product drives as a critical aspect. Balancing between durability and recyclability, we offer adjustable pedestals that are made of 100% virgin polypropylene that supports the load of more than 1000 kg per pedestal. They can be adjusted to compensate for up to 5% pitch or compensate for the locally uneven bases.



An All-Rounder

Never ending search for an all-season product for your outdoor spaces comes to an end. Whether it’s too hot or chilly, Unitile All-Weather pedestal (is a product that can work in temperatures ranging from -30 degree to +90 degrees. They are adjustable to heights ranging from 19mm to 2000 mm as per client’s requirement. UAWP is made from co-polymer polypropylene (CPP) whose material thickness is 3 – 4.5 mm, that resists UV rays, sea salt and chemicals


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