Power performance : Meet all new Nex-Gen System

Life At Unitile December 15, 2019


Power performance - Meet the all new nex-gen system


Does your data center still face flooring constraints? Does your data center flooring often need an access to underfloor services for installation of the cable trays, changes in voice, data, power, and as such the alignment of the surface gets disturbed?

Raised access floors is a mandate component in data centers for years now. To meet with the advanced technology trends the infrastructure has also taken a leap of change.

A tab on challenges

Raised Floor with small span, a traditional system (600mm X 600mm) was always a challenge in the industry where the services (cable trays, pipes etc.) exceeded the free open span of 600mm.

  • Reduced plenum space below the floor
  • Fouling of the cable tray systems with the pedestals
  • Heavy density of cables in data center makes cable management challenging & restricts air flow movement to the servers
  • Obstruction of larger services running beneath the floor
  • Limited space available for work during maintenance of the facility

Innovation on inferences

In order to provide a complete solution, Unitile has developed an all new "Dynamic Nex-Gen Floor System (1200 x 1200mm).” It's unique design allows for easy adaptation to ever-changing technologies; equipment densities; equipment footprint, and increased cooling demands.

“This is the strongest and most flexible raised access floor on the market. We work in conjunction with the client's professional teams to provide an optimal designed floor, supply all materials including all accessories, and install it in accordance with the approved design. This means that there is one less issue you need to be concerned about during construction of a new facility."

More flexible. Better functionality.

Structural performance
This system's heavy duty and robust features enables to take various abuses at the site. Once anchored from all sides, the alignment does not get disturbed because of its rigidity, and can even adapt to the future changes of the servers & under-floor services.

Reduced time & error on site
Due to its wider panel length the number of components required for aligning the system is less, hence leading to less installation time and possibilities of misalignment and level undulation is erased. Nex-Gen system, are preassembled under a quality control jig and fixtures with special-purpose machines at the factory and hence become easier to assemble and there are lesser issues on inventory management at site and components missing out during assembly

Easy access for future needs
Due to the larger span area, the installer gets a larger space for fixing insulation and other related services.

“This system can be perfectly aligned for 1200 x 1200 mm and once all the under-floor services are completed the balance top grid can be assembled immediately and panels can be installed, this restricts the damage to the raised floor system.”

Controls air leakage & condensation
The number of modules in the new Nex-Gen System are less, which reduces the number of joints eliminating the risk of condensation.

Increased load-bearing capacity
Nex-Gen System provides a higher footprint area of the panel on the substructure as compared to the traditional system hence the load bearing capacity of the panel over it increases. Nex-Gen Floors Floors' flexible design allows for uniform distributed load of the equipment like PDU, CRAC, PAHU, AHU and ELECTRICAL panel to be directly placed on the framework.

Flexible 1200 x 1200 mm system
Due to its larger span, the system is extremely flexible and can accommodate additional on- site reinforcements with the same components as used in the understructure framework of the raised floor like main and secondary runners and pedestals as and when required as per the layout in the same level of the raised floor. This eliminates the need of third-party structural fabrication onsite. If adopted, this system ensures the entire system is at one level with a smooth transition of the raised floor panel with the electrical panel, PAC unit and battery bank unit.

“This modular system will eliminate the need for three-phase power used by third party fabricator and will indirectly eliminate the dependency of power and risk of fire on site.”

Multi-utility universal bracket
The system is designed with a multi utility universal bracket to accommodate various different onsite applications. The system does not need any PVC caps and hence making it completely non-combustible and inflammable.

Highly functional
For adhering to good Installation practices, Nex-Gen system is able to take temporary customized floor panel replacement which can be alternatively used for rolling the service equipment's before the installation of the raised floor panel and post handing over. The under-structure system can take heavy loads of the equipment's which need to be moved or rolled with traditional local methods over the system post installation of the grid and panels thereby aligning entire raised floor without damaging.

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