Data center’s path to a sustainable future

Featured At Unitile March 15, 2020


Data center’s path to a sustainable future

The Shady truth

The idea of running an efficient data center was unthinkable driving data center managers to create a “cold locker” like environment. Ask anyone to analyze data center’s budget and they are apt to say “managing servers”, hardware cost is not trivial. The truth is many organizations are blowing a lot of money to manage airflow at data centers

Cooling of the infrastructure have been a problem since the mainframes ruled IT. As more businesses made the shift for computing power from PCs to local server racks and data center based clouds that has hundred of servers and the problems continues to intensify

In a word: Oops!!

The Right Approach

Today, the idea of managing a cooling efficiency of a data center has finally gotten some traction. The rapid evolution of data center has given more room for creating boundless opportunities but along with behemoth sized data center’s come various challenges.

Unitile India has developed a wide range of cost-effective and energy-efficient solutions which will not only help data center’s in their exceptional performance but will also provide compelling returns on investments and lower operating costs in both new build and retrofit applications.


Unmatched Performance to ever-changing data center landscapes

U-flex Air Flow Grills are manufactured from mild steel with a perforated top having an over-all dimension of 600 mm x 600 mm. The panels consist of a specially designed side-channel section that houses a pre-punched top perforated sheet and is available with optional volume control damper (VCD). The central core of the panel is fitted with a grid of vertical steel blades to avoid airflow turbulence and to minimize pressure drop. Understanding the requirements of different businesses U-flex airflow grills comes with various openings ranging from 46% to 80% with standard, single and dual direct designs.


55 %

Airflow Grill

Airflow Grill

Airflow Grill

Airflow Grill

Airflow Grill


When Cooling matters the most

The directional grills ensure proper air distribution at various rack levels, that enables uniform balancing of air throughout the critical space. This helps to reduce the power consumption of a data center and will result in significant cost benefits. By investing in a holistic airflow management solution, you can contribute to a budgeted infrastructure, without compromising system’s resilience while extending the equipment’s shelf-life.


Versatile functioning

A vertical mesh is provided to support the airflow grill at regular intervals to ensure flatness and high load-carrying capacity that can support point load of 450 kgs and UDL of 1620kgs/m2. These panels are compatible with the adjacent raised access floor system. The top performance finishes are powder coated and can be available with high-pressure laminate finish as per the user’s requirement.



Filling the energy efficiency gap

A cooling accessory designed to provide multi-fold cooling through an individual air flow grill to high and medium density data center. This U-flex Multiplyair fan assist module is equipped with a unique control feature, which auto-matically turns on when additional cooling is required. This prevents additional energy consumption caused due to the excessive cooling of server racks and saves 40% fan energy annually.

With soaring prices of managing data center facility, it’s more important than ever for businesses to assess energy usage and operational effectiveness. If your data center’s and server rooms are facing cooling challenges and high operating costs, then you exactly know what to choose! 


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