The Making of A Hero – Unifold

Raised access floor October 15, 2019


The Making of A Hero – Unifold

The office design has just started feeling the winds of change shaping up the office evolution in a way. Today, building an office requires quick construction and minimal downtime. With focus on modular furniture and systems such as acoustics, noise neutral flooring, ergonomic office chairs - employee wellness and productivity has become the crux of modern design. 

Flooring challenges faced in office design: 

— Damages & overlapping of panel flanges during installation 

— Uneven floor due to damage of flanges

— Sagging of panels due to heavy load imposition at site

— Injuries to workers during the construction activity at the site

— Rusting of screws leading to difficulty of access during maintenance works

— Sense of instability & rocking of panels while walking on the access floor

— Panels are damaged and not in a usable condition for reinstallation

— Looking for increased flexibility in access to the subfloor

— Poor acoustics and hollow sounds, while walking on the finished access floor

— Squeaking/ creaking sounds in the facility post installation


Now Footstep Won’t Disturb Your Work

With our 26 years of experience in the manufacturing and execution of Raised Access Floor Systems across the world, the research and development team at United Office Systems has been precautionary in its approach and has worked towards reengineering the design features of the system in order to overcome the common customer complaints. 

In 2012, Unitile came with the most technologically advanced access floor system in the world – UNIFOLD. The uniqueness of this panel design is its engineered folded edges along the perimeter of the panel. Its wider beams not only enhance the load-carrying performance of the system but also provides a squeak-free floor.

Key features of UNIFOLD:

Double Fold Wrapped around edges:

— Damage free edges and squeak free floor

— Restricts overlapping of panel and gives perfectly aligned floor

— Human safety at site as no sharp cuts due to folded flange

Corner Flange:

— The panel has double folded edge with only 12.90 mm cantilever thus making the edge very strong and resilient to damage in severe fit out programs

Increased Beam Width:

— Enhances the loading parameter of the panel and increases the Uniform Distributed Load (UDL)

— Enhances the ruggedness of the panel and provides damage free floor during frequent opening of the panel to access cavity / plenum

— Enhanced stability on the pedestal head 


3 times higher footprint area:

— Higher foot print area provides lateral stability enabling the panels to be used without screws

— Ease of access during and post installation

By- Far The Best Seller

— The design patented Unifold raised access floor system was launched on 1st November 2012.

— This product designed has been accepted and used by 95% of the Banking, Financial services and Insurance (BFSI) sector in India with repeat order and rate contracts highlighting enhanced customer satisfaction.

— The total projects won and executed till date sum to 3,36,77,094 sq. ft. area. 

Serving The Giants In The Industry

Unifold has been the best seller in the industry so far, and we are proud to associate industry pioneers and behold their positive feedbacks. Few of our major clients include: