An ode to Ganesha – Unitilers celebrate the sacred festival

Featured At Unitile September 9, 2019


Unitilers Celebrate The Divine Festival – Ganesh Chartuthi 

Ganesha Chaturthi is one grand festival which is celebrated with lot of enthusiasm across India. On this day, people invoke the blessing of the God of wisdom, prosperity and good fortune i.e. Ganesha. Devotees bring Ganesha idol in various sizes small/big to their home and worship Lord Ganesha. The country comes alive with colour and street processions, making it one of the most interesting  things to see. The festival is celebrated in the entire country, especially in Maharashtra and southern states, where it is observed with pomp and fervour.

This year, like always, the country geared up for an exciting 10-day fiesta to honour the God of Wisdom.  Unitilers joined the festive fervour too and graced Lord Ganesha at their homes with enthusiasm, high spirit and devotion. 

Witness the grandeur of Ganesh Chaturthi straight from the homes of our Unitilers.