The science of simplicity – Raised access flooring solutions for your space

Products October 14, 2019


The Science of Simplicity –

Raised Access Floor System for your spaces

Are you planning to build or renovate your office infrastructure and indecisive about how to manage all of your wires and cables? Do you expect future growth and need to allocate floor space for more workstations at your space? Are you not happy with the ugly cable tray at the overhead that gets in the way? Put your worries to sleep, raised access floor is the solution.



While it's radically a different world since raised floors came into existence half a century back but we haven't strayed from our original concept. India’s infrastructure has seen many new facets but the universal acceptance of raised access floor is intact, pushing the boundaries of available technologies to organize the underfloor services. Raised access floor has been the first choice because of it's sustainable, modular, made to order nature.

A raised access floor is elevated structure built at several inches above the ground level (concrete slab) forming a cavity or passage for all mechanical, electrical and plumbing services. There are various types of access floor solutions depending on the client’s requirement, ranging from a one-room office, a million-dollar commercial flooring project or a heavy-duty data center infrastructure set-up.



We understand that the way a business operation consume has to be aligned with nature’s process and how will it impact on the scarcity of resources for years to come. 

At Unitile, we have always strived for efficient operations in which we are continuously embedding sustainability in the way we operate. We are committed to undergo waste management, making optimal use of raw materials, energy and water conservation. Our products are manufactured keeping in the mind the environmental impact.



The growth of any business or the technological advancements is unpredictable in nature. If you want to increase your team or if there is an operational shift, this can be easily adapted by additional ports for new employees, you can plan ahead and install a new modular flooring panel to meet your needs. This is much more cost-effective than changing wiring or altering your floorplan entirely. Quickly make the change without disturbing the rest of your workspace and without any skilled labor.

Since raised access flooring comes in modular sections that can be added or removed, you have the opportunity to customize your workspace as needed and also if you plan to relocate to a new location, you can take the raised panels along with you and restock and reorganize the way you want.



We all aware of the ugly looking overhead cables loosely run along the walls or taped to the floor with duct tape and want to get rid of it. With enough underfloor passage in the raised floor, all these can be put to rest beneath us giving a more spacious, professional look. The aesthetic appearance of any office space with a large tech volume will be instantly upped when the wires disappear.

There’s no way to predict simplicity, to us an efficient, functional, reliable things that unleashed the creativity of people who then innovated raised access floor is the door towards simplicity.

Owners and developers, along with building designers and facility managers, face the challenges of constantly changing space needs, technology-driven operations, high churn rates and the almost impossible task of maintaining flexibility while keeping life-cycle costs down. All of these challenges demand a new outlook on planning and constructing buildings and some insight into assuring that all building systems are integrated so they become mutually supporting. The costs of both change and maintenance are exceptionally high in traditionally planned buildings, and in many instances users defer needed changes at the cost of organisational comfort and efficiency. In fact, many traditionally designed facilities become obsolete due to wiring and wiring distribution problems created by organisational changes and advances in technology. If the building is planned correctly though, with enough thought and creativity, changes can become almost routine and technology can be easily integrated. A well-designed, intelligent building not only has the flexibility and the capacity to accommodate change, it actually promotes change.

The concept behind access floors An access floor is a floor placed upon a floor, thus creating an accessible plenum for the distribution of building services such as power, voice and data and the distribution of heating and cooling services. The system is modular with the ability to plug and unplug any of the electrical components in the entire system from the panel board to the receptacle. The finished floor surface can be carpet tile, vinyl tile, laminate, finished concrete or natural materials such as wood or cork. The underfloor HVAC system not only eliminates most of the ductwork and insulation requirements associated with the overhead systems, but also enhances mechanical system flexibility because the non-ducted diffusers can be easily removed and relocated. Floor-mounted diffusers or workstation-mounted solutions distribute conditioned air from the access floor directly to the occupant’s level. From there the air gently mixes with the room air and rises to return grilles at ceiling level. The integrated access floor system also boosts the flexibility of telecommunications, data and electrical power delivery in the workstation. Simply by removing the access floor panels, building managers can now accommodate space and workstation changes as people relocate into, out of and around the office space.

Use of access floors throughout an entire office building is the key – not only to flexibility, but also to the ability to forestall building obsolescence. Pentafloor’s range of access floors afford building owners and managers the capability to economically respond to tenant turnover, deliver superior flexibility and reduce labour, maintenance and energy costs while improving occupancy health, comfort and productivity. LEED : Credit Contribution Taking all the above into consideration, installing Pentafloor’s range of access flooring can contribute towards achieving credits towards a LEED certification:

• Optimize energy performance

• Material re use

• Recycling of access flooring

• Re use of access flooring components

• Increases ventilation

• Thermal comfort

• Controllability of systems

• Reduced building height and construction materials Ease of reconfiguration, and easy access Installing an access floor system in your workplace allows for increased flexibility and brings with it a number of benefits. When you’re able to house your power, data and telecommunications underneath your access floor, you will find that your workplace is much more flexible. You can create functional open plan areas with a flexible environment. All sorts of workplaces can benefit from installing an access floor, such as:

       • Data centres and other computer rooms

       • Office buildings

       • Banks

       • Schools and universities

       • Call centres

       • Television and film studios

       • Museums

       • Exhibition areas and showroom