Light up your soul!

Featured At Unitile October 28, 2019


Light up your soul!

“Happiness is in air, its Diwali everywhere, let's show some love, care, and wish to everyone out there.”

Festivals are the perfect occasions to come together and spend special moments with loved ones.

We at Unitile also revel in Diwali festivities in the same way at work, as we believe it brings us closer and makes the workplace feel more like home. After all, we work hard and give our best throughout the year, so what better time than Diwali to take a pause, feel happy, and connect in leisure together?


Festive fervour begins

There was positive flicker of engagement and involvement amongst the colleagues. Players from every bay (workplace) came up with the festive mood and proactively began to decorate the entire office, lightning items, and to keep the spirit of ‘light’ alight in our hearts, they also lined up the number of blazing diyas in the entire office.


This year at Unitile, we had an extravaganza Diwali Fiesta across all locations where we spent the evening in the company of our colleagues with a lot of good vibes, laughter, fun, dance, games and good food. The festivity started with Everyone enjoyed the day to the core and happily signed off for Diwali celebrations with family members over the weekend. Superb experience.

Let’s celebrate this happy festival of lights, together, in a grand way, and may we have the pleasure of celebrating our favorite festival with you every year. So, on the occasion of Diwali, as we extend loving Diwali wishes, we would also like to express that we cherish every moment of our association with you and feel truly happy with your presence.




Unitile wishes you and your loved ones a Very Happy and Prosperous Diwali. Let’s Welcome the Sparkling Festival of Diwali Together, Now, and Every Year!