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The demand for data-center and network virtualization has increased exponentially. New technology services and the cost of deploying and managing them continue to skyrocket. In order to manage deepening costs, complex deployments, and ensure reliability and uptime, the data center managers need to analyse cost-competitive solutions that itself is technology simplified. Here’s a product that deals with all your challenges to setting up or relocating your data center



We have been innovating our products and solutions best to suit the industry needs. For most data centers commuting their server racks has been a major concern, be it for relocating or for a new built up of a data center. To get this right, we have come up with a product in partnership with a US based company, that makes deploying simpler. Unitile Lift-Shift (LS2250) is developed by the pioneers of raised floor system in India, after understanding the needs & challenges faced by the data center customers. It is used to raise and manoeuvre the servers and other IT equipment from the lift to the location in the server hall & within the data centres.

Not just a product - a solution

Unitile Lift-Shift (LS2250) is a battery-powered motorized system that operates on 230V, designed to raise and move an entire fully loaded cabinet weighing up to 2250 kgs/5000 lbs. A touch of a button is all that is needed to accom- plish the raise. The cabinet can be raised up to 11”/ 280mm from the floor. This expedites lifting loads from a pallet. The LS2250 comes with 8 dual castor wheels that ensure the load gets evenly distributed on the raised floor of the data center.

Value additions

Managing Operating Expenses & Uptime

Unitile Lift-Shift minimizes injuries and accidents, thus improving employee morale. It also prevents server damage caused by a fall or accident resulting in long-term cost savings and recurring expenses.

Accurate Alignment

The extra width 8 dual castor wheels facilitate equal and even distribu- tion of the load thus minimizing damage and misalignments on the raised floor.

Single Operator Operation

The product cuts down on the need for additional manpower and can be operated by a single operator.

Equipment Damage Minimized

Compatible with major server cabinets and fully populated servers leaving the floor undamaged and structurally stable during the trans- fer of the servers, with this product technology there is no damage to the equipment while transferring.

Improving Staff Productivity

It is made up of steel for enhanced safety which is adaptable to any standard 19′′ /487 mm or 24′′/ 610 mm racks. A safe, easy to manoeuvre solution that reduces lost-time injuries.

Jet set go...

There are two units of LS2250 working together- one on each end of the server cabinet. Both these units are placed in position and secured to the rack housing. A simple up/down switch is used by the operator to raise and lower the load. A control cable connecting the two units synchronizes the vertical movement. A single operator can move a 2250 kgs/5000 lbs cabinet accurately in position after raising the load for transport. LS2250 can be put on charge when not in use to ensure that it will be ready when needed. The smart charger ensures that the batteries are not overcharged. It comes with an adjustable width stabilizer where no physical attachment to the cabinet is required. This stabilizer can be adjusted to accommodate three cabinet widths – 24”/ 610 mm, 28”/ 710 mm, and 31”/ 790 mm. To connect the unit to all the common and standard cabinets, a universal foot adapter is included.

Migrating and managing your data center is a complex process that requires a high degree of coordination with little tolerance for failure. With Unitile Lift-Shift (LS2250) every move is a safe and smooth move.

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