Unitilers celebrate Christmas, the season of joy, and families united

Celebrations & More December 30, 2019


Unitilers celebrate Christmas,
the season of joy and families united


Christmas is of great significance and joy, that is passionately celebrated by billions throughout the globe. To instill the joy and festive feel among our employees, we announced Christmas celebrations with fun-filled activities and surprises at Unitile.

Here’s a quick look at the exciting and entertaining moments of the Unitile’s Christmas Celebrations.

Deck The Halls

The Christmas fervor for the decorations began way in advance on December 15. We announced a Cubicle Decoration Contest wherein the winners were to be announced on the final day of celebrations. The enthusiasm, more importantly, the creativity portrayed by the team was exceptional. A wonderful sight to see, the entire workspace was beautifully illuminated with lights, balloons, and handcrafted decorations.

Merry And Bright

On December 23, Unitilers eagerly awaiting the celebrations arrived in office following the dress code. Men dressed up dapper in blazers and jackets, while women adorned the theme of shimmer in their attire.

Welcoming Santa

The celebrations began with huge excitement and joy when Santa visited every desk to wish and deliver sweet treats to every employee. The anticipation and eagerness continued with the western tradition of Secret Santa, where each member was up for a fun gift exchange. The cheer and delight on each face after receiving the gift was evident, after all, we all love gifts, don’t we?

Let Your Heart Be Light

Unitilers were eager and set to participate with zeal, once the games and activities were announced for the day. Employees across India participated in Housie, Scavenger Hunt, Candy Cane, and Polo Games. It was one entertaining evening with all Unitilers spending their day with laughter and good vibes.

Home For The Holiday

Celebrating this festival, once again brought us all closer as one big happy family, our second home, filling our heart with joy and reminding us of the reason for the season. We all greeted and each other and ended the celebration with a resolution to pursue a never-ending journey to deliver the best.