Revolutionizing product assembly in manufacturing : Robotic Machine

Featured At Unitile February 1, 2020


Revolutionizing Product Assembly


Robotic Automation has found its way into many different areas in manufacturing. The “lights out” manufacturing concept — where manufacturing activities and material flows are leveraging robotic automation for a wider number of applications. The main benefits of manufacturing automation include leaner operation processes that require less energy, less material, and reduced labor waste. These can lead to improvements in quality, accuracy, and precision.

Accurate, more capable, and more flexible robotic automation is accelerating the growth of our production facilities.

Material handling is the most prevalent application of industrial robots with 38% of the robots being used for this purpose. At Unitile, we use material handling robots that can automate some of the most tedious, mind-numbing, and unsafe tasks in a production line.

Building efficiencies

Robots are changing the face of manufacturing. They are designed to process our material handling operations from loading to unloading or simply transferring from one conveyor to another. This new wave of automation has paved way of scaling production at our factory and has led to improving quality by eliminating errors and reducing variability. Our expert systems can automatically make tiny adjustments inline speed to improve the overall balance of individual lines and maximize the effectiveness of the whole manufacturing system.

Enhancing capabilities

The high-speed robotic machines and high-volume production applications can make adjustments on the fly, switching seamlessly between product types without the need to stop the line to change programs or reconfigure tooling. The ability to put automation and people side by side and to reallocate tasks between them also helps productivity, since it allows us to rebalance production lines as demand fluctuates. At Unitile, our automation systems are increasingly flexible and intelligent, giving rise to best and maximum output.

Employee welfare

At Unitile we strive for, utmost safety of our personnel and our automation has helped us increase our workplace safety applications are performed with precision and superior repeatability on every job. This level of reliability can be difficult to accomplish any other way. Our industrial robotic technology has taken up new positions next to their human colleagues. If sensors indicate the risk of a collision with an operator, the robot machine automatically slows down or alters its path to avoid it. This technology permits safety lines and has ensured safety of our workers operating it.

Long jump saver

Our human machine has helped us scale up our production by 50% resulting in cost and time efficencies. The cost of required skilled labor to complete the production process is drastically replaced by robot machines also resulting in more savings at Unitile. The removal of safety fences and interlocks due to automated intelligent robot operation has been fruitful.


While the technology is becoming more straightforward, the business will need a holistic and systematic approach to capture the full value of the opportunities presented by these new systems, aligning their automation strategy closely with the current and future needs of the business.